In 1949 the ballpoint pen became increasingly popular and A.W. Faber-Castell was the first German manufacturer to include ball pens in its range.

The ballpoint is the most all-purpose pen available. It is also the lowest cost, the toughest and the most widely distributed. Anyone can write with a ballpoint. Because it writes with a ball, and not a nib, it does not need to be "worn in" like a fountain pen. It will not wear down like a felt-tip and it can be held at almost any angle.

Ballpoint ink dries virtually on contact, does not bleed through paper and leaves a mark which photocopies well. A ballpoint withstands neglect better than any other pen. It has a tough, stainless steel or even tougher, tungsten-carbide ball, and thanks to the special properties of the ink it uses it should still write smoothly and consistently - even when left in the open position for long periods of time. The ballpoint will typically have a longer writing life compared to a rollerball pen.