Your Style Is Unique

The style of your handwriting is the most important factor when choosing the appropriate nib size. If your handwriting is small/tight, an extra fine or fine may suite you best. If your handwriting is large/fast or you are specifically looking for a signature pen, a broad may be more to your liking. Medium nibs are the most common as they fall between. Your fountain pen is unique to your writing style and should not be used by others. The nib adjusts to your handwriting.

While writing, do not press down hard. Doing so may result in ink flow problems. Skipping may occur when too much pressure is applied causing the nib to split, creating a gap which ink is not able to flow through.


Never use alcohol or soap to clean the pen or nib.

Cleaning the nib is simply achieved by flushing the nib with lukewarm water. The nib may be flushed by placing it under the faucet. You may also flush the nib with water using the converter as if you were filling it.


Use a soft polishing cloth to wipe down and polish metal parts.

Older silver-plated styles will require polishing. The instrument will tarnish more so when not used frequently. The new platinum-plated styles do not require silver polish and will not tarnish.

If you experience ink on the grip section once the cap is removed, it may be due to shaking which causes the ink to spill into the cap and transfer to the grip. Clean the inside of the cap with a cotton swab until all ink is removed.

Travel Tip

When traveling, keep the pen in an upright position. You do not need to worry about traveling by air with Faber-Castell fountain pens. The pens contain intricate feed systems that are tested. As long as the pen in an upright position when not in use, you should not experience a problem.