Rollerball Ink

The rollerball pen combines the advantages of the fountain and ballpoint pen. The rollerball refill contains liquid ink which is smoother and has a fluid, wet feel as opposed to a ballpoint. The Large-capacity Design Rollerball Refills have a ceramic tip, the ink is water-based and quick-drying.


Black Rollerball Ink

Item number 148783

1 Refill in blister card packaging

Approximate Line Width 0.5mm


Blue Rollerball Ink

Item number 148713

1 Refill

Approximate Line Width 0.5mm


Fits All Design Rollerball Pens

All of the pens come with black ink when purchased.







*Note for older models: If you have a Cedar Wood or Aluminum Pen and this refill does not fit, the pen was produced prior to November of 2005 and was called Basic. There was a design change that took place.  Your pen will need to be sent in so that we can convert the pen to allow the new refills.